What’s the Ideal Meal Plan for a Type 2 Diabetic Person

What’s the Ideal Meal Plan for a Type 2 Diabetic Person

Have you just been diagnosed with diabetes? Perhaps, someone you know has. Diabetes is one of the leading illnesses among American seniors. Without proper diagnosis and care, this condition can actually cost the patient’s life. For starters, diabetes comes in two types. Because both types of diabetes can have similar needs and symptoms, it’s important that you get your doctor’s final words on which type you’re having.

But in most cases, the type 2 diabetes is affecting people above 30 years and overweight. In other words, if you’re having diabetes in your senior years, there’s a better chance that you’re having the Type 2. The good thing about diabetes is that it can be managed with the right care. In fact, our home health care in Lincolnwood, IL provides well-trained staff who can help manage your loved one’s diabetes at home.

One of the key changes which diabetic patients face is their meals. There has to be drastic changes in their food choices to monitor their sugar intake, or else, their diabetes can get out of hand. Thankfully, our home health aide in Illinois can assist in meal preparations for your loved ones. In fact, here’s what you can expect in a diabetic person’s meals:

  • Choose food wiselyAs diabetes educator Kathy Hornick says, prepare a careful balance of proteins, carbs, and fats. These include the following:
    • Dietician-recommended fruits and vegetables especially spinach, broccoli, and green beans
    • Whole grains including brown rice and whole wheat pasta
    • Prepare fish instead of meat at most every three days
    • Non-fat dairy versions of milk, cheese, or yoghurt
  • What foods to avoidYes, some foods need to be avoided by diabetic individuals. These foods include:
    • Sweetened chips, cookies, and cakes
    • Sugar-filled sodas and other sweet drinks
  • Cooking suggestionsWhen you’re preparing your loved one’s meals, here are the recommendations:
    • Broiling or baking instead of frying
    • Choosing olive oil over vegetable oil
    • Choosing fresh and frozen foods
    • Limit on trans fats and saturated fats
    • Limit sodium intake with doctor’s instructions

You can have the upper hand against diabetes. Our home health care agency at Careforce Homehealth Inc. can provide you with well-skilled aides to help manage your overall well-being. If you’d like sufficient assistance to tending yourself or your loved one right in the comfort of your residence, contact us. We’ll be glad to accommodate an appointment with you.

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