Simple Ways to Help Boost an Older Adult’s Immune System


Old age weakens the immune system. That is why senior individuals are more vulnerable to illnesses. A weak immune system does not have the capability to fight off disease-causing germs that can attack the body.

One of the many responsibilities of a home health aide in Illinois is help keep aging individuals stay healthy. To do so, it is important to strengthen their immune system. How do you do it? Here are general tips you can follow:

  1. Opt for healthy food choices
    Every food that you eat carries a number of nutrients that can either be good or bad for your health. You should always strive hard to consume foods that are good for you based on the recommendation of your doctor or dietitian.

    Foods and vegetables are the basics you should already know. Additional food choices you should look into are fatty fish that contain healthy fats, spices and herbs, and fiber-rich foods. Do not forget to stay hydrated.

    A care professional from a home health care agency can help in planning, preparing, and serving you a variety of healthy meals.

  2. Get plenty of physical activity
    Physical activity is crucial for good health no matter the age of the person. But, the intensity of the exercise may vary.

    Older adults do not really have to do intense workouts. Even a 30-minute walk around the neighborhood daily may be all the exercise they need. Check with your doctor about a suitable exercise program you can follow.

  3. Sleep
    Lack of sleep can cause a decline in the immune system. That is why getting enough sleep is greatly important. Follow a sleeping schedule. Make sure that your bedroom is comfortable and conducive for resting and sleeping. A provider of home health care in Lincolnwood, IL can help you with your sleeping routine.
  4. Minimize stress
    Various conditions have stress as a culprit. It initially starts with your emotions and consequently affects your mental and physical health. Exposing yourself to too much stress can make you ill.

    Try to avoid situations that stress you out. If a situation is unavoidable, try calming down through relaxation strategies, such as breathing techniques.

At Careforce Homehealth Inc., we look after you or your loved one’s health at home. Give us a call to know more about our services.

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