Physical Therapy: Safely Strengthening Our Seniors at Home

Physical Therapy Safely Strengthening Our Seniors at Home

The beauty and wonder of physical therapy is its ability to provide curing, enhancing, and delaying methods to fight off aging. The science that it specifically applies to our bodies strengthens us so that we can naturally handle the strains we come across each day.

Enhancing methods can be exercises that help strengthen our muscles and stamina to be able to do our everyday tasks. Adults who are approaching their senior years can prepare themselves by adding more movement into their lifestyle, so when they reach their seniority, they can continue being active and have healthier bodies that can better fight off ailments.

Adults well into their senior years still have the chance to maintain active bodies and stronger bones and muscles with the right home health aides in Illinois. Here are further activities that support the effectiveness of physical therapy for seniors:

  1. Provide Proper Nutrition
    Our skilled nursing services can help guide families on which diet they can provide their senior loved ones in order for them to be healthy and away from any health hazards that are associated with food. Having the right nutrition energizes the body with the needed vitamins and minerals so that the body can function better with the regulated levels of cholesterol, fat, and calories.
  2. Fitness Exercises
    Enhancing bodies through physical therapy, our home health aides in Illinois are authorized to provide exercises that are great for blood circulation, especially to seniors who want to keep active to delay the signs of aging

    • Walking
      To keep the body constantly moving, walking is one of the basic exercises that can be performed by adults to keep joints healthy.
    • Lifting and Strengthening
      To keep the upper body strong, lifting and/or strengthening exercises can be supervised at home, too. Even household items can be used as weights or you can make your own makeshift weights for your seniors like filling a sock with half a pound of rice that they can easily grip and lift when they have arm-raising exercises.
    • Seated Exercises
      Probably the most comfortable way they can perform their exercises is while they are seated. These can be toe-tapping exercises to get the blood going in their toes, or leg lifting exercises to strengthen their knees and lower backs.

Apart from enhancing methods that can be supervised by our physical therapists from our home health care agency, curing exercises can also be aided to seniors to rehabilitate their bodies from injuries and stroke-related conditions to bring back their physical movement and activity.

Help strengthen your senior loved ones and friends and engage them in more physical activities by getting proper health guidance from Careforce Homehealth Inc.

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