Medication Management Tips for the Aging Adults

Medication Management Tips for the Aging Adults

Proper medication management is integral to maintaining one’s health. However, for seniors taking multiple medications at once, medication management can be quite challenging. Especially if the senior lives alone without any help from a home health aide in Illinois.

Taking multiple medications or forgetting to take your dose for the day, can hamper your recovery and damage your health. To avoid possible medication complications, here are some medication management tips you can follow.

  • Place all of your medications in one place and make sure that they are stored properly
  • Set medication reminders or use pillboxes to remember which medications you should take together
  • Have a checklist of foods or liquids you should avoid when taking certain medications
  • Make sure to read and understand medication labels and follow the prescribed dosage
  • Ask your visiting nurses or physicians about possible medication interactions and what to do if you missed or doubled a dose

If you need assistance in managing your medication, you can rely on home health care in Lincolnwood, IL. Nowadays, home health care is not just limited to assisting seniors with their daily living activities or providing companionship. Services are varied and most home health care providers include medication management in their offered services.

At Careforce Homehealth Inc., our home health care agency doesn’t only offer home health aide services. We also offer therapies and skilled nursing services. So if you need someone you can trust for your overall well-being, we’re the ones to call.

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