Edema, Vein Disease, and Why Seniors Should Be Active

Edema, Vein Disease, and Why Seniors Should Be Active

One of the hard facts of aging is the characteristic slowness, would you agree? For this, many seniors would simply opt to stay at home and sit rather than face the bothersome effects of joint pains and other physical reactions.

However, as a provider of home health care in Lincolnwood, IL, we say, the sedentary lifestyle is unhealthy for seniors. Do you know why? Let us mention just at least two consequences: edema and vein disease.

Edema appears as a swelling of the lower body, typically on the legs, feet, or ankles. This condition is very common in people who just sit most of the time, or those who are taking certain medications, and those with congestive heart failure. When you’re seeing this type of swelling on your legs, better seek your doctor’s advice.

On the other hand, vein diseases happen because of poor blood circulation, resulting in the damaging of the veins, which are responsible for the distribution of blood to the extremities of the body. When someone is not moving very much, their blood flow can be disrupted, resulting in the buildup, damage, and/or swelling. This type of disease can be normally expected for someone who has had some major surgery or who have had some illnesses that render them immobile for a long period.

Both edema and vein disease can complicate to more serious conditions such as blood clots. However, moving out of your seat and walking about can be the starting point of good circulation.

Physical activity can help improve good blood circulation. If moving can be a little difficult for your aging loved one, the assistance of a home health aide in Illinois can be very handy. However, seniors cannot undertake physical exercises immediately without their doctor’s approval or permission. It will be ideal to get their clearance first so that your senior loved one will have sure go signal as to what regimen is right for them.

Finally, here are further steps you can do to improve blood circulation and reduce the chances of edema or vein disease:

  • Place a pillow under your loved one’s legs when they’re lying, such that the legs are elevated higher than the chest.
  • Remind your aging loved one not to sit down or stand for a long period of time.
  • Seniors on a low-salt diet have to be encouraged and monitored to follow it to reduce the chances of swelling.

There would be instances that your senior loved one will be advised to wear special stockings to help improve blood circulation. But this can only be prescribed by their doctor to achieve the ideal results. As a home health care agency, we encourage you to always refer to your doctor whenever you have physical complaints or uncertainties with your health. Your physician will be able to recommend the right treatment to take. Meanwhile, if there ever is a need to get special assistance at home, get in touch with us at Careforce Homehealth Inc.

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