Because of their history, LGBTQ+ senior is less likely to have a strong understanding of how to manage their healthcare. Additionally, they are less likely to have the support system to help manage that caregiving the case management process heightened importance. Home care services are provided with the primary goal of preventing institutional care, and our LGBTQ-sensitive case management sets Careforce Homehealth Inc. distinctly apart from other agencies.

Like many home care clients, it’s not all about clinical care. It’s about maintaining their lives. And there are many opportunities to meet the needs of LGBTQ+ seniors outside the clinical setting, between patient care visits. In fact, case managers are the first to communicate with home care clients. But to effectively break through the complex barriers our case managers leverage their interpersonal acumen in a professional, sensitive, yet honest manner while fostering confidence and hope. The LGBTQ+ client is looking for understanding and acceptance, and they have done their research. An astute awareness of their historical disparities is manifested daily in the provision of compassionate, optimal, and ethical patient care to our clients. Listening to their stories, understanding that they have led a hidden and marginalized life, showing concern, and providing counseling are essential in our successful case management of our LGBTQ+ clients.